The past becomes present. And the present becomes future. The only thing constant is change. And we are all for it. We have adapted to change constantly. But when we look back, what has remained the same are the values we uphold. Belvalkar Housing is built on the foundation of certain values.

Who Ingrained The Values

Mr. S. K. Belvalkar, our founder, witnessed the early transformation of Pune.
And then there was next big change. Once a pensioner’s paradise, with industrialization and modernization, Pune became IT Hub and Detroit of India. The migrant population had and has their own needs and expectations. And the lifestyle of local people has also changed over the time. Our second generation leaders have witnessed this change and are catering to their housing needs.

Generation Leaders
Director, Technical

An architect from the university of Pune, Ajit keeps trying alternatives to conventional construction materials and designs which are low cost and eco-friendly. Project Management is Ajit’s forte. In his leisure time, he plays Sarod and indulge in wild-life photography.

Director, Commercial

Being a commerce graduate from the university of Pune, Sameer is a financial wizard. Financial analysis and costing, identifying suitable lands for the projects and the land acquisitions are his forte. Sameer is a connoisseur of fine arts and music.


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