How to get a home

that you like and can afford too...

Pune has fast changed from being a laid back 'Pensioner's Paradise’ to a burgeoning metro offering quality of life that can be counted among the best in the country. With this rapid growth has come galloping demand for homes and practically an explosion of their prices!
As of today, if you go for a home that you like, its price is simply unaffordable. And, if you opt for the one you can afford, you end up staying in a remote locality and spending extra time and money in commuting.
Leveraging over four decades of experience in Real Estate, Belvalkar Housing has come up with a creative, out-of-the-box solution to this puzzle...Kalpak Homes.
It is all about doing everything ‘Just right’ so as to give you a home that you like and can afford too! 

Just Right

Wastage of space not only increases the price of your home but also adds to the cost. Kalpak Homes are thoughtfully designed to make optimum utilization of available space.

Just Right

Some amenities simply add to the length of the list and cost of your home, as they are rarely used. At Kalpak Homes, the amenities are carefully planned, making sure, they are environment-friendly and maintenance friendly too. Emphasis is on the happiness, safety and convenience of the residents.

Just Right 

Unwavering focus on delivering the important and avoiding wastage means, Kalpak Homes are able to combine good quality of life with the right price.

Just Right

Sinhagad road is the new preferred location in Pune and it has grown phenomenally in recent time. It is the emerging residential hub of Kirkatwadi. Known for its huge upcoming township development, the area is well connected with Mumbai-Bengaluru highway, IT parks and the main city. It's a perfect location to invest and will reap the benets in terms of returns and lifestyle, in the coming years.



Club House with multi-utility hall


Children's play park

Landscape garden

Decorative entrance lobby

Environment Friendly

Solar water heating system

Rain water harvesting

Water purification plant

Water recycling

Sewage treatment plant

Convenience & Safety

Power back-up for common areas, lifts and water pumps

Lift with V3F drive, auto rescue device and load   weighing device

Fire fighting system with fire alarm

785-Belwalkar-Kirkatwadi Phase2_Layout_Top View
785-Belwalkar-Kirkatwadi Phase2_Layout_Cam_007
785-Belwalkar-Kirkatwadi Phase2_Layout_Cam_005
785-Belwalkar-Kirkatwadi Phase2_Layout_Cam_008
785-Belwalkar-Kirkatwadi Phase2_Layout_Cam_001
785-Belwalkar-Kirkatwadi Phase2_Layout_Cam_002
1 Bhk
785-Belwalkar-Kirkatwadi Phase1 & 2_Layout_Top View
2bk section

1 km

Multi specialty hospital

2 km

Bank of Maharashtra

3 km

Pawar International School,

Nanded City Public School

DSK School

1.5 km

Symphony IT Park

3 km


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