We are here to put some LOVE into every aspect of redevelopment.

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Belvalkar Housing

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All those who know us, everyone who has bought a home with us know the efforts we take to ensure that every home offers the best Future for its residents, while remaining rooted firmly in Culture. When we redeveLOVE a project, every home owner is guaranteed the benefit of the 52 years of our experience and track record in every single aspect of their home – from the additional space, to the design, to the functionality, to the specifications – everything is the perfect blend of 2 elements: Future. Culture. Space for a herb garden with a tulsi Vrindavan built in. Just as an example.

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We bring into play 52 years of documented, process-driven and system-led success in the real estate industry. When we redeveLOVE your project, you are in the hands of experts. Timelines, quality, speed, regular updates, site management, smooth handovers – you can rest assured about all of these parameters. Future. Culture. For you.

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Make the best use of our #BelValue calculator. Our team of experts will guide you through every aspect of calculating the value of your redeLOVEd project. It is easy to think that the only things you should consider are extra FSI and rate per square foot. But there’s more to it. And our #BelValue calculator will help you compute the real value of your new home. That’s Future. Culture. 

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We redeveLOVE neighbourhoods. Because you don’t merely own a home, you come home to a neighbourhood. Creating spaces for empowering cultural experiences, building experiences and not only homes. That’s Future. Culture.